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​Auto-dial Alarm System with Emergency help (SOS)

  • 99-zone auto-dial wireless home security alarm system; System will call your mobile or your friend when triggered
  • Long distance listen-in/ alarm/ disarm function; Remote control for arming or disarming
  • Can pre-store 5 groups of alarm phone number; Can be triggered when power cable is cut
  • With built-in backup battery in case of electricity failure; Easy to add detectors, remote control & siren anytime
  • No cabling required, easy plug & play installation; A telephone land line is required for alarm auto dialing (telephone line included)
Doc Manual

Garniture electronique avec clavier à code iTEC iCode 02

The iCode 02® diffuses elegance and simplicity of use. With software (Software iCode2) or without software you can set you like it, Keep it your lock and their accesses.


Datasheet Manual

– Matériau: Acier inoxydable
– Technologie: Onde-Z sur demande
– Méthode d’ouverture: Code
– Ouverture d’urgence: Clé mécanique
– Puissance: DC 6v (AAA*4)
– Durée de vie de la pile: 12 mois
– LED: Vert et Rouge
– Alarme de batterie faible: 3 Longue tique
– Consommation: 350mA
– Temps ouvert: 7s
– Nombre d’ouvertures: ~5000 ouvertures (1 an)
– Autonome: Oui
– PE: IP54

iTEC works to be a leading international company and recognized for the quality and diversity of products and solutions offered in the area of ​​access control. With the dedication of the whole team, motivation and passion, iTEC is committed to best business practices.

With design, production and development departments, by constantly investing in the quality of your team and betting on high value added relationships and the pursuit of dynamic complicity, iTEC proves to be a skilled and reliable partner with competitive advantages in the area of access control.


Professional Universal Uhf Handheld Wireless Microphone Ak-450

    • Wireless Microphone is a Uni-Directional dynamic wireless microphone with a UHF receiver.
    • Handheld Wireless Microphone Sri Lanka Adopting UHF digital wireless transmission technology, it is super anti-jamming.
    • Handheld Wireless Microphone Sri Lanka can be used in gathering, meeting hosting, training and other occasions.
    • The wireless working distance reaches 30 meters.
    • Wireless microphones will give you the freedom of movement, convenient for your performance.
    • Features: High sensitivity, with LED Indicator.
    • Easy to Use: Convenient and easy to use. Plug and play.